Interested in Planting a Church?

You need to be called by God specifically to church planting.  This isn't just another "possibility of ministry" as there are many challenges that are unique to church planting.  Here is a basic list of the procedures we use in the Indiana District that each potential planter will follow:

  1. Determine you are called of God (We can help with that one).
  2. Contact the Church Development office.
  3. Meet with the Church Development Director and his wife.
  4. Assessment.  (This is done by a qualified assessment couple or team).
  5. Preach during a service at one of our church development cabinet member churches.
  6. Begin finalizing potential plant location and target group. (We will help determine this with you if we haven't already).
  7. Attend Boot Camp.
  8. Finalize the church plant location and receive approval of the executive presbytery.
  9. Determine timeline and launch date.

The Church Development Director, our office personnel, my cabinet, other local pastors, the local ministry group are available to help you at your request.  If you feel God is calling you to church planting, please email the office  or send to my office, a brief history of your ministry and how you feel God is leading you specifically to church planting.